Rybex CZ a.s. is active in the fish and delicatessen market since 1997. Throughout its 20-year history, it has been producing fish salads, smoked fish, delicatessen salads and fish specialties – fish pastes which has been focused on and has become one of the largest producers of these products in  Central and Eastern Europe in recent years. Throughout its history, the company always put emphasis on the quality of food products that offers to its customers and consumers and will continue to do so in the future.
The main product of our assortment is Anchovy paste, which is complemented by Salmon Paste, Tuna Paste and Caviar paste. One of the specialties for subsequent food production is Anchovy essence.
Products of Rybex are offered by retail chains in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The next step is to enter on the polish market.
Thank to our current customers, and we look forward to our new customers who like our products.

Your Rybex team.


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